Why Are We So Restless? Podcast

Why are we so restless? Why are we so unsettled, discontent, and easily distracted?

Join us for a podcast of six episodes exploring the cultural, theological, and spiritual roots of our restlessness. In each episode, Rev. Dr. John Yates III, rector of Center partner Holy Trinity Anglican Church, explores how our culture might be forming us in ways we haven’t realized and invites us to allow the gospel to reshape our lives. Then, Josh Chatraw, Center for Public Christianity executive director, and podcast co-host Micah Vandegrift, along with other New City Fellows’ alumni, reflect on the implications of living these truths out together in community.





Episode 1: We Have Forgotten That We Are Creatures

We live in a world where technology has vastly expanded human potential. We live longer, healthier lives and can do more in less time than ever before. But we are still human – finite, fallible creatures with limits given to us by our Creator. When we forget our limits or, worse, reject them, we rebel against our humanity. Why are we so restless?  Because we’ve forgotten that we are creatures.

Featuring Catherine Doster, New City Fellows alumnae

Episode 2: We Feel Responsible for Crafting Our Own Identities

The world says that who we are is up to us: look deep into your heart to find your greatest passions and there you will find yourself. As creatures made in the image of God, we know that there is more to who we are than this. But we still struggle to “find” ourselves and to justify our existence. Why are we so restless? Because we feel responsible for crafting our own identities.

Featuring Daniel Lee, New City Fellows alumnus and Program Coordinator for the Center

Episode 3: We’re Pursuing Happiness in the Wrong Direction

Our country was founded on the premise that all of us have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. But what is happiness and where do we find it? The world around us encourages us to look within, to find our passions and pursue them. But this doesn’t always work. Why are we so restless? Because we’re pursuing happiness in the wrong direction.

Featuring Seth Berman, New City Fellows alumnus

Episode 4: We’ve Lost Track of Time

Everything about our lives these days is fast. We measure time in fractions of a second. We prize efficiency and good time management more than just about anything else. But this puts pressure on us that ultimately degrades our humanity. When so much of life and growth happens slowly, being in a hurry can wear you down.  Why are we so restless?  Because we’ve lost track of time.

Featuring Jimmy Doster, New City Fellows alumnus

Episode 5: We’re Obsessed with Information in a World That Is Desperate for Wisdom

We live in an age of information. Not only are we generating more than ever before, we have unprecedented access to information of all kinds. Our phones have become portals to a world of infinite knowledge. And this brave new world of endless information is busy reshaping our humanity. Why are we so restless? Because we are obsessed with information in a world that is desperate for wisdom.

Featuring Matt Benson, New City Fellows alumnus

Episode 6: We No Longer Know Where We Live

As our virtual engagement with the wider world has increased, our local connections have diminished. In some ways the internet has become more real than our neighborhoods, and virtual “friendships” have replaced the real thing. This leaves us longing for a sense of place in a rootless world. Why are we so restless?  Because we no longer know where we live.

Featuring Abby Vandegrift, Micah’s wife and New City Fellows alumnae