Now What? Beauty in a Time of Despair with Dr. Karen Swallow Prior

A Public Forum

Have you noticed that in seasons of disappointment and unrest our tendency is to spiral in, feel sorry for ourselves, and even feel trapped in our own bitterness? Yet, there’s something about simple beauty that calls us out from the malaise of our current circumstances, from beyond ourselves.

In her talk at our recent public forum, “Now What? Beauty in a Time of Despair,” Dr. Karen Swallow Prior reflects on how we were made to desire beauty and to be drawn to the One who is the source of all beauty. She also explores the importance of recognizing true beauty from its cheap substitutes.

This forum was the second in the Center for Public Christianity’s 2021-2022 series, “Now What? Flourishing in Uncertain Times,” which aims to help us reimagine the different dimensions of our life together following the challenges of the past two years. It was held on Thursday, November 11, 2021, at Vintage Church Downtown in Raleigh.